A Day in the life….

Its the 4th and final week in the All Australian not back to school blog hop and this week is all about a day in the life. Dont forget to pop over to Our Worldwide Classroom and check out more DITL posts.

I did a post about our days at the end of last year and you can read about it here and here.

Its funny, no matter how much you think about and plan your days it doesn’t always work out the way you see it in your head. I have already had to adjust our days to suit us as I quickly found it was not going to work the way I had planned. Anyway I am sure if you homeschool or have young kids you know what I mean. It also changes here depending on the season. We are in Queensland and it is just too hot to go outside in the middle of the day so we change our routine to suit this.

This is how our days are looking at the moment. I have a 3 kids that would normally be in school this year. 4th grader, 3/2nd grader and one in prep. (5 years old)

A day in the life!!


My little one usually wakes and we play. (or if I am really tired we watch a leap frog show while I have a large cuppa and get ready for the day)


The boys wake


Breakfast time together and clean up. I try to get dinner in the slow cooker at this time or get some bread going etc.

 free time…I try to get everyone outside for a while.


  Smoothy or snack


one on one time with Xev(my 5 year old) and I. Usually about 1/2 an hour of hands on activities, phonics, a little writing practice etc  This is all he is ready for at this stage and I am happy to follow his lead.


Group time with mum reading first, The kids draw usually while I read.I read anything to do with our unit study or any book the kids choose or just work through a chapter book.

Then we work on unit study or Spanish anything we do together.You can read about our last unit study here.

The little kids are with us playing quietly (hopefully) or doing playdough, painting, lego etc in another room if they are a bit loud.


morning tea break or we just have nuts and apple while we continue to read and draw.


The big boys start their work boxes.  They usually have about 5 or 6 to complete but I am flexible.  Each one should only take about 15 mins if they focus. I usually have to remind them about 500 times to stay focused during this time…this is why I need a large coffee in my hand.   Sip………Breathe…..

  The workboxes include their Maths workbook, Language arts including spelling etc, Reading with me or indipendant, sometimes puzzles, science, writing practice and things like that. We work through these together and they can take whatever time they need.  Usually we are done in about an hour and a half.


lunch together and clean up


House clean up, finish up any workboxes, etc


Tech time. The boys get some time on minecraft or something like that but I have to restrict it or it gets out of hand.  Id love to hear how others handle tech time in their house.


We head back outside as it is hopefully cooled down a bit.  Sometimes we head to the local park or go for a walk/bike ride etc  If it is still too hot then the kids just play inside.

5.30 Dinner, in summer we sometimes eat outside.


Bath, Teeth Pjs etc


Quiet play in bedroom The boys share a big room so they are quite happy to spend time in there at the end of the day and wind down a bit.


Quiet reading in bed or with mum


Audio book and lights out.

Obviously this changes sometimes but this is how a day at home would look if all goes according to plan…lol.

I like to get all of our focused learning done before lunch. It usually only takes about 3 hours.  I have thought about spreading it out throughout the day but If we get it all done in the morning then there is more free time for the kids to just be kids.

Our days are frequently interrupted by visitors….this guy  decided to visit us yesterday!  Luckily Gyan is a bit of an animal whisperer..lol, and was able to catch him and move him a bit further away from he kitchen.

We do lots of arts and crafts whenever we feel like it…I dont really schedule things like that.  If we are a bit off we dont do school work and just play all day or watch docos and movies.

Some days we have activities outside the home.  We usually meet with other families at least once a week to just hang out and play.

I try to do 4 days of school every week but of course it doesn’t always happen.  The other day is usually an outing, field trip, social hang out etc.

Our last field trip to a national park nature walk nearby.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our day.

I love reading about different routines and rhythms in other families. It defiantly depends on how many kids, ages and style of homeschooling but I always find tips and ideas from everybody even if they do things differently from us.

Thanks for reading and dont forget to check out Our world wide classroom for more in this series.

Have a wonderful homeschool year!!