Australia Unit study

Our first “unit study” for the year has been on Australia! This is obviously such a huge topic to cover and the kids are still pretty young so I didn’t want to overwhelm them with too much information. So basically I just got a few things together and followed the kids lead.

We read a bit about Aboriginal culture and dream time, First colonies to Australia, We read about Australian animals, We looked at our map and where things are located and basically just worked on our general knowledge of our country.

The kids did a few hands on activities and I will provide the links to the things we used and where I found them. We also did lots of reading from various books which we had in our library. We read form the book “Children just like me” which we refer too often when reading about a different country. Its a great book and I definitely recommend it. I was lucky to find our copy in a thrift shop but you can get it on amazon

Here the kids are cutting out the Puzzle map of Australia and the labels to pin on.

Labeling the Map and getting familiar with the states and capital cities.

. I found this free printable at

Suzie’s Home education ideas.

She has some great printables.

We will definitely re visit this topic again many times as there is so much to learn about. The kids were keen to move onto other things after a few weeks but it was a great topic to cover and they enjoyed learning about Australia.

I am excited to start some “continent boxes” like the ones found here at 1+1+1=1. She has some fabulous ideas and printables.

What a great way to learn about each continent. I cant wait to try it.

Thanks for reading…I hope your all having a wonderful year so far.