Our Homeschool Space, 2016

Its week 3 in the All Australian Not Back To School Blog Hop and this week is all about our homeschool spaces. Dont forget to check out other Aussie Homeschool Spaces at Our World Wide Classroom.

So, I have been meaning to do a tour of our room for a while now but I keep changing things around..lol. I realize now that it will probably keep changing as our needs change and the kids get older, But, Its feeling pretty good right now so it seams a good time to share our space.

Just to be clear, It is not always this tidy. As you will know if you are a homeschooling family or a family with littles, the mess is constant..lol.

We are so blessed to have a big room which is our play room and also where we do most of our structured learning. My big boys are not yet able to work independently so I need a space where the little ones can be around while I am reading or working with the older boys. I try to do mostly group learning activities so it is good to have a big enough room to accommodate all of us without it feeling crowded.

On the right as you walk in is the main learning area.  The table I got in the thrift shop (oppshop) and  Gyan  chopped the legs down a bit to suit.

 We do most of our reading, drawing, work books etc here.  The chairs are from the opp shop too.  I would like to get wooden ones but hey…these were cheap and they are the right size for us right now.  A lot of what you see I found in the opp shop or was handed on to us.  I have found so many wonderful things at the opp shop for our homeschool including  many of our educational games and books.

 We use the mat for puzzles and some montessori activities when we need to spread out. 

This is the main wall you see when you enter the room.

The shelves on the right are where I attempt to set up Montessori inspired activities for the kids to do (still working on that, Its hard with toddlers around lol) On the top of the bookshelf in the basket I keep the activities and books I want to read with the kids.

I found the felt map (middle) at the opp shop (thrift shop) and under it is a laminated world map which we use with white board markers. I refer to it a lot through out the day. The white board above we dont use a lot, mainly for writing out our Spanish words or maybe spelling. Then to the left is the calendar I made with a little bookshelf underneath. I rotate the books around to suit the topic we might be reading about or just some new books in our collection.

This is a table for the little ones to use if they want. I sometimes set something up for Arijann so she is busy and not climbing all over us while we read etc.

This big Cabernet is an old TV unit re purposed to house some of our puzzles and games. It has a wonderful low shelf in the middle which we use to display our “interest shelf” or the books relating to our Unit study. Our last unit study was Vikings and you can read more about it here.

To the right of the Big Tv unit is a little Geography area.  Here we keep our Globe and Atlas etc.  These are in arms reach from our main table so Its easy to grab the globe if we need it anytime.  In the basket there are various rocks, insect wings and other interesting things along with a few magnifying glasses for the kids to investigate.  They add things from time to time if they find something of interest. 

Looking at the room from the other direction.

This big unit I got to house all of our reference books and Reader books.On the left of the unit are the kids workboxes. You can read more about how we use them here.

The top row is things that we use like math manipulatives, hands on things we might need, file folder games etc. The next row the kids each have a “cubby” to keep any extra books or projects they need to keep away from little hands. We also keep paper, pencils, textas etc on this row.

Then the next 2 rows are mainly reference books, in rough categories so its easy to find what you are looking for. The bottom row is just extra books, magazines, colouring books etc.

To the right is a little white bookshelf with our “readers”. They are roughly sorted into levels.

I have most of our craft and painting suplys in a cupboard near our dining table. I used to have it in this room but I would often come in to find someone with paint or craft stuff everywhere and a baby covered in paint…lol, so I moved it to our main living are. This way I can set them up with what ever they want to do and I can keep a bit of an eye on things. I can also be in the kitchen while they paint etc.

The other side of the room is more of a play area. The cupboards on the right keep extra toys which I rotate when I get around to it and extra bits and pieces that we dont use all the time. The bookshelf in the middle has all of our story books.On top is our “science Shelf” . It has lots of dead things like snakes, lizards, a turtle shell we found at the creek and things like that. What can I say….I have 3 boys…lol. The double doors lead out to a veranda which is almost finished. We usually have these open during the day. Its lovely having access to the outside and soon we will be able to use the veranda for lots of activities.

To the left is the kitchen play area which is used every day. Most of the things here I found in the opp shop accept the kitchen.

And thats about it. We really love this space. I love to change it around to keep things interesting. I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration, I love to see how others have their spaces set up.

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Happy Homeschooling!