What have we been up to?

Here are a few pics of our Christmas holidays and an update on whats been happening around here.

We have 2 new members of our family.  Meet Rhonda and Bernice!  These 2 girls were given to us at Christmas by my Brother and family and we were happy for them to come a live with us.  They have settled in so well and the kids just love them,  We have had 2 eggs from the girls almost everyday.  Its a wonderful feeling.

Lots of fun down at the creek.

The garden is struggling in this heat but we have been getting lovely cherry tomatoes, Rocket, salad greens,  some cucumbers, zucchinis, yellow egg tomatoes and lots of herbs of course. Its a work in progress but at least we are getting a bit from it.

Playing our new game Cathedral.  This is such a great game to add to our collection.  Its a little bit like Chess but maybe easier for little ones to play.  Its worth checking out if you like games.

And thats about it so far.  We are back into our “normal”routine now so I will post an update on how thats going soon. I hope you are having a great start to the year.

I cant believe its already Febuary