Why I am greatful for homeschooling, 2016 Aussie not back to school blog hop!

This is week 2 in the Aussie Not back to school blog hop, cutesy of Our worldwide Classroom and this week is all about why I am grateful for homeschooling.

Homeschooling is an unexpected path for our family and one which I am grateful for everyday. Homeschooling is not for everyone, although for me, I could not imagine our life any other way. These are some of the Things I am grateful for and love about this journey of home education.

I love being with my kids everyday and watching them learn and grow. I love staying home a lot and enjoying our wonderful house in the countryside.

I love the fact that my kids can choose what they want to learn about. I love the fact that I now have time and energy to teach my kids things like knitting and cooking.

I love that we have a choice in who we spend time with each day.

I love the flexibility to take days off whenever we want to. I love that we can go on holiday when ever we want to.

I love the freedom to start our days when we are ready and take a break when we want to.

I love that I get to spend every day with my kids and learn along with them. I love that they are learning together and from each other.

I love that they are learning about things that they are genuinely interested in. I love that we can tailor activities to suit our learning styles.

I love that we can take our time and work through the hard stuff.

I am inspired and encouraged by all the other homeschooling families out there. I am grateful to them for giving me ideas and inspiring me when I need it.

I am grateful to this wonderful, worldwide homeschooling community because it is truly special and something I never expected.

I am grateful for the support of all the other home educating families….god knows we need it!

But most of all I am grateful that we have found this path. The journey of home education is so very rewarding. I am truly happy and content in my days and although not always an easy road to travel, it is one well worth the bumps!